Participant information sheet

Project Title

ExTraVid: Exploring Travel in Videogames

Project Summary

The research project investigates the experiences of travel in video games. It views issues of travel and mobility as fundamental epistemic frames of game design and experience, and aims to demonstrate how different games are modeling both player mobility and the game world in which this mobility takes place.

What will I be asked to do?

Participation in the project involves accessing and responding to an online questionnaire.

How much of my time will I need to give?

The online questionnaire takes around 10 minutes.

What specific benefits will I receive for participating?

There are no specific benefits of taking part in the study except for your contribution to knowledge on this topic.

Will the study involve any discomfort for me? If so, what will you do to rectify it?

The study received clearance by Tilburg University’s Research Ethics Board, and is not understood to involve discomfort.

How do you intend to publish the results?

Only the researchers will have access to the raw data you provide. Research findings will be published in academic journals, books, select media sources and presented at academic conferences.

Can I withdraw from the study?

Participation is entirely voluntary and you are not obliged to be involved. If you do participate, you can withdraw at any time without giving a reason. If you choose to withdraw, any information that you have supplied will be securely disposed of and will not be considered for data collection or analysis.

Can I tell other people about the study?

Please! Tell your gaming friends about the study and provide them with the details of this website.

Data storage

Any data supplied will be stored securely by the researchers.

What if I require further information?

Please contact Dr. Tom van Nuenen should you wish to discuss the research further before deciding whether or not to participate.